Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a Show!

Karen Henry put on an incredible show for us on Tuesday night. Those of you who were absent,
and there were many, really missed something! I must say I was very disappointed in the turnout of FQG members. It was almost embarassing. When we bring in someone of Karen's calibre, one would think the place would be packed. All I can say is it's a good thing we invited other Guilds to join us, and thank goodness they came!!!

The Committe worked really hard to make this wonderful extended weekend happen, to see that all ran smoothly and we owe them a big Thank You - in particular Wendy McLean, a fairly new member who jumped in full of enthusiasm, and worked her tail off all weekend to look after every tiny detail, for the workshops AND the Trunk Show. Gail Butts kindly opened her beautiful home to us for the final workshop. A big Thank You to Wendy, Gail B and Gail Mitchell who was out of town but worked hard on this since last spring to bring it all together.

Karen is an energetic and enthusiastic quilter and teacher. She is happy to share her skills and talents with others and her easy going manner makes her a joy to be with. Her classes were fun and stress free, and the skills learned can easily be transferred to other projects and applications. A student could not ask for more.....

The photos here are some of my favourites of those shown on Tuesday evening. The top photo is of "My Father's Dahlias", one of Karen's favourites. The second piece is called "Spiced Clematis" and is done in the style of Jane Sassaman, a well known American quilt artist. The third quilt is titled
"Portrait of Felix Feneon" from an 1880 painting by Paul Signac. Karen used sequins and beads as well as fabric , thread and quilting to reflect the pointillist style; the face is hand-painted in dots and the hair is done in the confetti applique technique. Below is one quilt from Karen's current series of tree quilts; it is titled "On Poor's Farm Road". Below that is "Honu" - a quilt depicting a magical encounter with sea turtles while snorkelling in Kane Ohe Bay in Hawaii. The final quilt is called "Heavenly Bodies, You and I?" It was made for a Guild Challenge in 2007 and was also on hand at Quilt Canada 2008 in St. John's. I've heard many visiting quilters enjoyed posing with their faces through the openings, even our own Val and Lois..... (below you'll see Linda G. and Wendy M. "modelling"). Don't you love a quilt with humour?

Please visit Karen's website here to see more of her work. I have several other photos on my blog here as well.

Thanks so much Karen. We sure enjoyed having you !


  1. Those of us who had a chance to meet and learn from Karen were certainly blessed. Linda

  2. I have participated in many workshops (even when the "project" has not been one that interested me) and I have learned from everyone of them. Karen's workshops were especially valuable because she has given me three great new creative/technical skills that I didn't know I was capable of.

    The woven background was a fun and easy technique that will show up as a major feature, be used as backgound interest or create a real cool border in many of my future pieces.

    The pet portrait was very challenging for me, but I perserved and now feel very confident with the technique. It taught us how to breakdown ANY picture into applique components to be recreated in fabric. I see a picture of my husband's racecar turning into an incredible wallhanging.

    The "dragonfly" project was really about adding interest and depth to any project. In fact, the only thing not completed on my piece is the dragonfly herself.

    PLUS, it was so much fun to spend time with fellow quilters. We learn so much from each other without even trying. It was a mini vacation/retreat.

    Thanks to everyone who supported this worthwhile endeavour and to the amazing volunteers who made this happen.

    We are all an amazing group of women.