Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How to leave a Comment on the FQG blog.

Do you know what makes a blogger's day? Comments. We love getting feedback on the posts that we do.

Would you like to know how to leave a comment? It's easy.
  • At the bottom of a post, you will note the word comment that has a link underline. Sometimes it might say "0 Comments", or "3 Comments" depending if anyone has left comments yet.
  • Simply click on that "comment" link and the comment page will open up for you.
  • You will be given a rectangle box in which you can type a note to us. Go ahead and type your comment. While not mandatory, at the end of your comment, it would be nice if you put your initials or first name and last initial, so we have an idea who you are. ie: GM or GailM.
  • Then when you are done your comment, click on the button beside the word "Anonymous". You will notice a green dot beside it.
  • To publish your comment, click on the orange "Publish Your Comment" button/link.
  • After that you can return to the FQG blog by clicking on the link at the top of the comment page.
Please give it a try. We want your comments, even if it's to say Hi.


  1. Great idea Gail! Maybe we'll get some comments now! C'mon folks- don't be shy! Let us know what you think about our Blog... tell us how we're doing!

  2. I thinkyour blog is great. I was really happy to see Sue's garment bag posted today. How creative and lucky person who gets to keep the bag. Looking forward to more show & tell. The workshop/meetings area is great too. Good work Linda & Gail. LucyB

  3. I really like your Blog too . The idea of having a show & tell online is a wonderful idea . You,re both doing a great job
    Marlene D.

  4. I have already told you what a wonderful job that you have done but you can never hear too much praise can you? Great job you two. Thanks from your guild members. Linda