Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Meeting - 2012

Many thanks to our executive committee for organizing our Christmas Social.  We had special guests, heard stories of Christmas Past by two Lifetime Members, Joan W. and Helen S.  And our in-coming Coordinator told of unusual things from their family Christmases after moving to New Brunswick.
Marjorie Belzile, Director of Nursing from the White Rapids Manor
in Fredericton Junction  came to attend our Christmas Social.
She was so pleased to accept the beautiful bibs and placemats
made by our members for the use of the residents in the home.  

Marjorie told us how touched she was that we thought of her nursing home, when there were so many more local nursing homes. She told us how the residents, some quite young at heart, would love the patterns and whimsical fabrics.
She was so thankful and wished us all a very Merry Christmas

Each of the tables had delicious sweets with refreshments.  

Helen shared stories from her Christmas's past.
The memory of an unexpected gift from a neighbour friend,
will always have a special place in her heart.

Joan told us stories of hard times during the depression.
It wasn't only her family, all families made do with very little.
But they were all happy and small parcels from family from away always brought cheer.
But she remembers the warmth of her schoolroom during the holidays.
She loved that the teacher helped them make vegetable soup on the stove, while
the boys made sure to get wood to keep the stove going.  That was a very special treat.

Gail talked about their Christmases  in various parts of Canada and in England.
All very different but nice.  She also recalls putting bikes together and one year
shortly after moving to Fredericton, the weather was  unusually very warm on Christmas Eve.
After assembling bikes for the kids, she and her husband rode them home from a friend's house.
They love to recall the quirky things that surround their holidays.

And to top off our evening, we had a Christmas musical recital by a local ukelele orchestra.  
They invited us to sing along as they strummed and plucked out beautiful and fun Christmas songs.

                                                           Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Social tonight!

Tonight is our Christmas Social! Just a reminder of the new location - remember it will be held at the Stepping Stones Centre on Saunders Street, across from the old YMCA. Start time is 6:30p.m. Although there is sufficient  parking, please consider car-pooling. Don't forget your Christmas projects to show us during Show and Tell and remember to add up your perimeter inches for the Quilt Across Canada Challenge. Also please bring along the Christmas  placemats you have made for Meals on Wheels.  Join in the fun tonight and enjoy some Christmas music, treats and fellowship with your FQG friends.