Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're Moving Right Along...

Now that we're into the Nine Patches, the hand quilting is going quite quickly. We're really happy with the circle design - look how it makes those little Nine Patches pop right up! We think if we had two full shifts per day (4-6 people for morning and for afternoon), we could probably be done in a few more days.
We will plan for Tuesday and Thursday again this coming week, Feb. 1 and 3, along with Wednesday evening. Then we'll see whether we need Friday too. It would be really nice to have some more members involved, so I am going to call a few ladies this weekend and see if they will join us. Because we can only work from the sides now, and 3 people per side is maximum, if you are reading this and planning to come and quilt, I would suggest you give me a call first to see which day and "shift" has "openings". I would hate to turn someone away because we didn't have room around the frame for them....
Thanks Ladies! It's going very well and we're going to be done soon. Your help is very much appreciated. Many hands make light work...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Come Join the Quilting Bee...

Ladies, the quilt is coming right along... The borders are very close to being totally finished - we just have a few more flowers and a short bit of vine to outline, then we will be ready to do several rolls and we'll be into those nine patches. The weather outlook for tomorrow, Thursday, is not great, but I'm hoping it will not get that bad. I will be home and the "quilting room" will be open. The decision is yours whether to come or not, weather depending. There were only four of us around the frame yesterday, so I'm hoping more people will show up tomorrow or Friday- I'm opening it up to anyone for Friday this week as well. Anytime after 9:30a.m. And of course tonight, Wednesday, after 6:30p.m. you are welcome as well. Call me if you need directions.

A BIG thank you to those of you who have helped so far- Sue R, Barb P, Doris M, Barb H, Donna Y, Gail M, Edith P, Gail B, Ann V, Barb F and Gwenda M..

If you have not visited the Fiber Artists Guild exhibit at Government House yet, you really should make the effort to get there this week as the show finishes on Friday at 4pm. You won't regret it! You can visit my blog here to see some photos, to give you a small "taste"...

EDIT: Update! Late Thursday afternoon: borders are DONE! We are now into the "center" of the quilt. We did several rolls this afternoon and the quilting is progressing quickly. Thanks to the three ladies who braved the snow today to come and quilt. We'll be here again tomorrow (Friday the 28th) - won't you join us?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Quiting Bee is a buzzin'...

Ladies, start your engines! Whoops- I mean Ladies, thread up your needles! Our Quilting Bee has begun! Eight members came together around the frame today to get a good start on our quilt for the Stan Cassidy Foundation. Gail Mitchell pieced the Nines and Vines quilt top and it is now in the frame and we are making very good progress on the borders. In fact we even did our first roll today on one side. Woohoo!
We would love to have you join us around the frame. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced quilter or not- all are welcome. This is a Guild project and an excellent way to get some hand quilting experience, not to mention build some friendships within the guild. It was especially nice to have one of our newest members join us today- welcome Edith! We're so glad you could join us.
Our original plan was to meet again tomorrow - Friday the 21st - however ole Ma Nature might have something to say about that. We will play it by ear and see what the weather is doing tomorrow. The forecast is not great at the moment, but maybe it won't be too bad till later in the day. If you wish to check with me by phone, give me (Linda) a call after 9 a.m.
The plan for the coming weeks is Tuesdays and Thursdays - any time after 9:30 a.m. Come for an hour or two, or come for the day. You are welcome to bring a lunch - coffee and tea will be provided.
Also, if those of you who work during the day would like some evening quilting time, the invitation is open for Wednesday evenings, any time after 6:30pm.
We have lots of needles, sizes 7, 8, 10 and 12. Do bring your own thimble if you use one.
I will post updates, changes, etc. here so check back to see our progress and schedule. As the weeks go on, we may add different days - so keep checking here.
Won't you join us?

Edit: Late Friday afternoon - the storm is upon us and the snow is blowing about, but it didn't stop 6 quilters from working on the quilt again today. We will soon be finished the borders and ready to roll in a bit. Once we get into the center section, it will be easy going . Plan to join us!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

January News and Reminders

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is well rested after the holidays and you are ready to get back at quilting with renewed energy. Our first meeting of 2011 is coming up - Tuesday January 18th at 7:30pm at the Johnson Ave. Senior Center. New members are welcome. If you have a friend or neighbor who is considering joining us, bring them along...

Our first workshop of the new year is also coming up shortly- there are still a few spots available. On January 22, Lois Mehan will be teaching us all about painting on fabric and how to create interesting original surface designs. This is guaranteed to be a fun-filled day....

Entry forms for our upcoming April Quilt Show have been emailed out to all FQG members. Please let us know if you did not receive them, or if you cannot open the documents. There will be some available at the January meeting.

A new feature on our sidebar is a list of some Quilt Shops which are either local or close by. Clicking on each one will take you to the shop's website or blog. We hope you will find this a useful resource. Several shops are doing blogs with daily or almost daily posts on new fabrics, books and patterns in stock, classes and other events...

Pippa Moore was very grateful to receive our large donation of floss for her educational work in Africa - her "Kitambaa Sewing Project". She is in Uganda now and you can follow her very interesting adventures here on her Blog. Pippa is doing such great work with the Bitengye Designers of Rubingo; it is great fun to read her tales and see photos of the many widows and grandmothers who are benefitting. (You can also find a link to her blog on our sidebar under "Other Sites of Interest".)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Which Block of the Month in 2011 are you going to do?

Just in case you have not chosen a 2011 Bock of the Month, here are some 2011 free blocks of the month that have started up this month, January 2011.

Fat Cat patterns have a beautiful traditional Block of the Month. Click over here to see the entire quilt and to download Block 1.

Bunny Hill Designs will be publishing the BOM's on the 5th of each months for 10 months. Click here for the link to the first Block.

Do you like to include a bit of stitching in your Blocks of the Month. Here are two sweet stitching BOM's to choose from.

Dawn at As Sweet as Cinnamon has a stitched Block of the Month called "Out of the Box". Click here and visit for details.

The Raspberry Rabbits is also doing a small hand stitched Block of the month. Click here for details and be sure to check in on the 12th of every month.