Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're Moving Right Along...

Now that we're into the Nine Patches, the hand quilting is going quite quickly. We're really happy with the circle design - look how it makes those little Nine Patches pop right up! We think if we had two full shifts per day (4-6 people for morning and for afternoon), we could probably be done in a few more days.
We will plan for Tuesday and Thursday again this coming week, Feb. 1 and 3, along with Wednesday evening. Then we'll see whether we need Friday too. It would be really nice to have some more members involved, so I am going to call a few ladies this weekend and see if they will join us. Because we can only work from the sides now, and 3 people per side is maximum, if you are reading this and planning to come and quilt, I would suggest you give me a call first to see which day and "shift" has "openings". I would hate to turn someone away because we didn't have room around the frame for them....
Thanks Ladies! It's going very well and we're going to be done soon. Your help is very much appreciated. Many hands make light work...


  1. Yippee, that's great. Doesn't that circle motif look spectacular. Nice. Gail M.

  2. That design is lovely & I can see that it would quilt up real fast . Its going to be beautiful