Monday, October 5, 2009

Show and Tell...

Gail and I are slowly working away at changes and additions to this Blog. Thanks for being patient with us and our busy schedules!

Our newest addition "in the works" is a "Show and Tell Gallery" on the sidebar which will feature our members work. Our plan is to change the photo you see there, every few days. When it is changed, the previous one will go into the Gallery. So as the year progresses, the Gallery will grow and you will be able to "review" all the wonderful projects you have seen during Show and Tell at our monthly meetings. We think this will be a wonderful resource. I don't know about you, but I often forget who made what, or just what did that border look like..I remember I liked it, but can't recall just how it was done... etc. So this will be an easy way to go back and have a longer look at what you only perhaps got a fleeting glance of, at the meeting.

We are still pondering how we can get good pics at our meetings with minimum fuss and "without holding up the line", so to speak... We are thinking of possibly setting up our telescopic rack at the back or side of room somewhere, and using it to help us get good straight photos. We would like to include the maker in the photo as well- at least your face, so this would become another easy way to "get to know each other". Let us know what you think... and watch for the new Gallery...Coming Soon...

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