Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raffle Quilt for Kofi

The queen sized quilt pictured here is "Colours of Recovery " and measures 95" by 111". Wouldn't it look great on YOUR bed? It could be yours! It was made by the "Friends of Kofi" otherwise known as The Women of the Cloth. This group is comprised of five FQG members : Gail Butts, Jean Ketch, Deanna McAllister, Cathy White and Marg Wood. They have made this quilt to raffle, in hopes of providing Kofi Ampong with some much needed financial help. Here is the story:

Kofi Ampong is a young man from London England, originally from Ghana, who was invited to do a degree on full scholarship from St. Thomas University. He completed his degree in Economics while maintaining his full scholarship, as well as being on the Student Council.
After graduation he moved to Moncton. He was accepted into University in Philadelphia to do his Masters degree, but postponed it for a year to start work and get some "real life experience" in the banking industry.
Unfortunately, while in Moncton he was attacked, pepper sprayed and stabbed repeatedly in the neck and chest, by a group of young men, an unprovoked attack. His spinal cord was partially severed leaving him without the use of his legs and only partial use of his right hand.
He was in the Moncton City Hospital for 9 months and then the Stan Cassidy Rehabilitation Center for 2 months. This month he will be moving into an assisted living center in Moncton.
Because his immigration status was still in progress, any financial support he has received has been hard won.
His dream is to get to China where he would be able to have stem cell injections to regenerate the growth of the nerves in his spinal cord to regain his mobility.
The proceeds of this "Colours of Recovery" quilt raffle will be used by Kofi for some of his day to day personal expenses, as well as a portion of the monies raised going towards fulfilling his dream.
More information can be obtained from Kofi's website at
Raffle tickets on this stunning quilt will be on sale at our October meeting for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00. I'm sure we will all want to support this worthy cause and help Kofi fulfill his dream of mobility.
God bless you Kofi!


  1. Can't wait to win! The quilt is lovely Gals. Is there a date for the draw or will it be drawn when a certain amount of money is made? the blog,
    Kathy F.

  2. Linda!!! it's Kofi! Thx soo much to yourself and everyone involved in this fine project. God bless you all richly. :)