Saturday, January 18, 2014

More Black and White

Here are a few more photos from the Black and White Challenge done by the Martin Co. Quilter's Guild of Stuart, Florida. I have already shown, in the previous post, the two Challenge entries by Sandi MacMillan, both ribbon winners. Here are some more of the entries by her fellow Guild members in MCQG. They were all interesting, and this show got lots of attention as it was hung just outside the only entrance into the main Show hall, a prime spot!
The pieces had to be done in black and white, but there was the option of adding up to two more colors, providing they did not make up more than 25% of the surface of the quilt. The lighting was poor (worse in some areas than others) and therefore a real challenge for photography. Despite trying every setting on my camera, I could not get a true white  and true black in some photos, so I apologize now for those which appear yellowish- the yellow really should be white. I have added some of the photos here and others on my personal blog which you can see by clicking here. 

Compromise by Joan Carman tells the story of black and white in opposition to each other. She placed a red square in the middle, with an embroidered cherry blossom, to soften the animosity of black and white to each other.
The cherry blossom and the quilting are in the Japanese Sashiko style. The quilting on the upper left is called "tasuki" - crossed cords, and on the lower right -"tate-waku" -rising steam.
The ribbon is for "Best - Traditional".

In Search of Inner Peace  by Sylvia Montgomery. "My inspiration was that a labyrinth, one path with many turns, leads to a center. When the mind is ready, the path provides a spiritual journey.
Hand appliquéd, longarm quilted, includes silk ribbon embroidery.

Has Anybody Here Seen...?  by Joey Mettley.
"In memory of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The event that changed America, ended our innocence, and all that followed, known as the 60's. It won an Honorable Mention ribbon for Embellishment.

Zippers in my Garden by Eyvonne Smith.
"I learned to make zipper flowers at a demo and thought they would add just the right touch to my challenge. I think it did, and I had fun in the process."
The Butterfly by M.N. Feemster.
"This quilt was inspired by a photo of a white butterfly I once saw. I used coral and lime colors that pop and give the quilt a little zing."
The ribbon is for Best Machine Appliqué.

Down the Rabbit Hole by Karen Marchetti.
"This Zentangle is my own design and was specifically drawn for this challenge. The "inking" used Pentel gel pens and took over 80 hours to do. My longarm quilting completed it."
The ribbon is for Best Machine Quilting.

Detail shot of  Down the Rabbit Hole so you can appreciate Karen's amazing longarm quilting.

EDIT: I have just found Karen Marchetti's blog.
Click here to read the story of the creation of this incredible Zentangle quilt.

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