Thursday, January 23, 2014

Current and Upcoming Exhibits

If you haven't been to Government House yet to see the Fiber Artists exhibit, your time is running out - you only have two more days - tomorrow (Friday) and Monday. I hope to get there tomorrow to take some photos and if that happens, I'll add some here. This is always a wonderful exhibit of very high calibre work so I urge you to visit Government House to see it for yourself. Admission is free.

If you missed our meeting on Tuesday evening, you will want to make your way to Memorial Hall on UNB campus during February to see the exhibit The Secret Codes: Contemporary African Nova Scotian Narrative and Picture Quilts as well as selections from King's Landing's Leek-Taylor collection. The official opening of the exhibit will be next Friday Jan. 31st at 5p.m. "This exhibit features 25 quilts by members of the Vale Quiltmakers Association from the New Glasgow area of Nova Scotia. The quiltmakers explored this medium as a vehicle for story-telling, using the drawings of  artist, writer and curator David Woods, as well as their own designs to create a series of quilts that capture community history. "The Secret Codes" refers to the use of quilts as a subversive medium to guide escaping slaves to the Underground Railroad." An email has gone out to members with info on the other events being held in conjunction with this exhibit. See below.


  1. Except the use of quilts in the underground railroad has been debunked. :-/

  2. Yes I am well aware of the controversy, Andrea.