Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello from Florida!

Hello from sunny warm Florida!! Sorry this has taken longer than I expected... We have been putting in long days, and then I've had some camera problems so preparing this post has been a bit of a challenge. I am so lucky (and thankful) to be visiting Sandi MacMillan at her home in Florida. We have just spent three full (and I DO mean full) days at the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach. As well as the World Show, there were 17 other concurrent shows! (and yes, we did every one of them!) Two of those shows were by the two guilds here in Stuart that Sandi belongs to: Martin Co. QG and Gone to Pieces. Both of these two Guilds put in an exhibit of their 2013 Challenge quilts.

The Martin Co. Guild's Challenge was "Black and White". Members were to make a black and white piece, with the option of adding up to two other colors, as long as their combined total did not exceed 25% of the surface of the quilt. Sandi entered two challenge pieces, did not add any additional color on either, and won ribbons on both of them! Is This my Best Side? done in white bridal satin and black leather, won Best of Show in the Challenge.

Sandi machine quilted it, and upon close inspection you can identify creatures in the quilting- an elephant, a hyena, flamingoes and antelope. The hand painted glass eye was very realistic! Great work Sandi!! (The lighting at the Show left a lot to be desired, and all pieces were hung on black drape; I apologize for the quality of these photos. Exposure was a real challenge!)

Her other piece, It Makes No Difference - Black or White won Honorable Mention for Machine Appliqué. Sandi created the vertical striped fabric by strip-piecing, cut the figures and machine appliquéd them. It is her statement on the blending of cultures.

The Gone to Pieces Guild is much smaller, and they exhibited their 2013 Challenge "Curve Appeal". The pieces ranged from modern takes on Drunkards Path, Bargello  and a variety of other designs with curved lines. Sandi's "take" on curves was original as she designed this voluptuous lady, under the careful scrutiny of her husband who took great interest in making sure she got the curves "just right"... It seems our Sandi never takes the easy road, this piece was done with bridal satin and silver lamé appliquéd on a background of satin brocade fabric. Again, an awesome piece of work. This Guild does not do awards or ribbons, but take my word for it, this piece is worthy of a ribbon!!

I will be posting again with more pics from this show, and many of the others, but not until I'm home (midweek). Until then, Sandi and I are waving hello from Florida....


  1. Beautiful !!! Love the curvy lady!

  2. I am so very impressed! Thank you Linda for posting. I love the striped blended couple and what it is saying. Great work Sandy!

  3. Two thumbs up! Looking forward to more pics!