Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ricky's Tip of the Day

I hope you enjoyed visiting Tim Latimer's blog (see previous post). Isn't his quilting amazing? You may not have been familiar with that Tim, but I'm sure you'll have heard of this next "gentleman quilter".. Just found this great tip from Ricky Tims, and thought I'd pass it on to you. Do you get frustrated with all the little thread bits, fabric "strings" and other textile "flotsam and jetsam" that stick to your design wall? Well Ricky has the answer for you: Got my Fabricville flyer a day or two ago. What caught my eye was 25%off cutting mats and quilting notions... also 25% off Clover items... Good to know... Flyer sale valid March 11- April 2. Also did you know Fabricville has a website? (who doesn't these days? lol) Anyway, keep an eye out there for coupons.. I recently got a 50% off coupon (good for one item). Great thing to have if you are looking for a pricey item such as a new mat. It's simply Just hover over Advertising at the top and you'll see coupons in the drop down menu. And remember the first Wednesday each month is Senior's Day with 10% off your purchase for customers 60 and over...