Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March program on Precuts.

What a great program we had at our March meeting! We learned all about precuts- how they started and what we can do with them, not to mention a "whole new language". Who knew- candy and honeybuns, layer cakes and jelly rolls, dessert rolls and turnovers - they're NOT just found in bakeries anymore!! There are some copies left of the Precuts handout which was given out to all in attendance, extra copies will be available at the next meeting for those who missed it in March.
Here are a few tips that were passed on during the program:

 1. Some precuts (like charm packs) have pinked edges. Your 1/4" seam should be measured from the outer tips of the pinked edge. If it bothers you, it can be trimmed off to give a straight edge, but then you will be working with a slightly smaller piece, of course. If adding a piece with a pinked edge to a piece with a straight edge, the tips of the pinked edge should align with the straight edge.  2. It is always suggested that precuts should not be washed before use. This may distort the size and shape of the piece. If you are worried about bleeding, toss a Color Catcher or two in with the quilt the first time it is washed. This should take care of any color/dye that is released.  3. Bali Pops by Hoffman are not laser cut (as most precuts are) but hand-cut in Bali. Therefore there are slight variations in the 2.5" width of the strips. Click here for a  great tip for dealing with this variance.

We enjoyed some "extra Show and Tell" (always
the best part!!) during the program too -  lots of quilts made with jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm packs. The photos on this post are just some of the lovely examples we saw. Thanks again to all who participated and brought in quilts for the program!!
Here are a few tips that were passed on. Some precuts (like charm packs) have pinked edges. You 1/4" seam should be measured fromteh tips of thepinked edge. If it bothers you , it can be trimmed off to give a straight edge

A few reminders, resulting from the meeting: First, a big Thank You to all who took patterns and backings to do one or more adult bibs and co-ordinating placemats for our commitment to White Rapids Nursing Home. These must be returned at the April meeting so if you cannot be there, please get your bib and placemat to someone else who can return it for you! Placemats should be approx. 12" x 16". The rubber bib backings should be color side OUT on the back, and please add velcro at the top for closure..
Our "Sister Guild" - Sussex Vale QG has invited us to visit them on Tuesday April 23 - this is the Tuesday following our April meeting. There is no limit on how many may attend as their venue (church hall) is large. We must tell them by Mon. noon  April 8th how many will be attending so check your calendars and give this some thought. At the last Gathering of the Guilds (2012) all the guilds in NB were "paired up" with a "sister guild" and encouraged to get together to foster sharing and communication between the guilds, so this is our first get-together; we will reciprocate by hosting them next October. Plans are currently underway for that event. If you would like to join the planning committee, let us know!
Lastly, if you are renewing your CQA/ACC membership this month, or planning to join as a new member, please remember to add our Guild name at the bottom of the form. This puts our Guild into a draw for a $50.00 donation from CQA to our Guild library. This offer is just for March so you've only got a few days left...

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