Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Upcoming Shows

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the fall "lineup" of Quilt Shows. Just thought a quick post might be a reminder, as someone mentioned to me they were heading to the Sussex Show this week. Noooo, this week is the KV Show, NEXT week is Sussex. All details are on the sidebar... Maybe I'll see you there...?


KVQG Show:          Thursday at 1 pm til 8 pm
                                 Friday 10 am to 8 pm
                                 Sat. 10 am to 4 pm.
$5 admission
Wonderful Challenge display of countries around the world - 39 different ones
Largest number of quilts on display
Small Articles Tables and Christmas Tables
Merchants Market

Best in Show – Lorna Peacock Memorial Award and the Canadian Quilter’s Association Rosette
                         Ode to Sam by Juanita Allain
Doris Mowry Memorial Award - Best Hand Quilting
                        Hibiscus by Susan McEachern
 Founder's Award - Best First quilt totally done by a beginner
                        Around the Block by Pauline Ruttle
Best Machine Quilting - The Sunseekers by Judith LeClue
Best Hand Applique - Sun Bonnet Sue by Pearl McKay
Best Machine Applique - Twelve Days of Christmas by Agathe Klingenberg
Best Pieced - "Thanks Frank" by Vivian Mellish
Theme - Bow Ties/Trip Around the World by Carol Davis

 Large                1st:  Indian Peaks by Eileen Warren
Traditional:       2nd: Carol's Quilt by Carol Davis
                          3rd: Spinning Stars by Isabell McDonald

Small                1st: 25th Anniversary Stars by Juanita Allain
Traditional:       2nd: Selvage Spider Web by Susan McEachern
                          3rd: KVQG Block of the Month by Brenda Dunsmore

Modern:            1st: Fundy Mermaid by Nancy Flemming Elaschuk
                          2nd: Mushrooms in the Park by Juliet Nowlan
                          3rd: Autumn Splendor by Nancy Armitage

Challenge:        1st: Ramakien - Thailand by Judith LeClue
                          2nd: Mexican Mamba by Valeria Hopper
                          3rd: Antarctica by Gwen Henry 

Group               1st: French Braid by Joan A. Smith
Machine                 Quilted by Penny Bubar
Quilted:            2nd: Snug as a Bug by Tanya White
                                 Quilted by Jill Lloyd
                         3rd: Sonja's Windows by Karen Kalverboer
                                 Quilted by Jill Lloyd

Group                1st: Cabin in the Oaks by Nauwigewauk Darlings Seniors
Hand                        Quilted by Nauwigewauk Darlings Seniors
Quilted:             2nd: Radiant Star by Freda Wilson
                                  Quilted by Edna Dornan
                          3rd: Gathering Baskets by Joan A. Smith
                                 Quilted by Brenda Wood

Judges Choice:
Joan Blakney:          Lone Birch by Diane Haggerty
Marilyn Wiggins:    Pieces of Baltimore by Dawn MacMillan
Gail Mitchell:          Lighthouses by Riel Nason
Jennifer Vienneau:  My Friend Carolyn by Karen Miller
Elizabeth King :      Cathedral Rock, USA by Pat Beshara   

Photos of some of the winners can be seen on my Blog here.                     

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