Monday, September 3, 2012

One more summer finish!

September is here! That means summer is pretty much behind us now and we'll soon be back at Guild! Yippeee! Our first meeting is Tuesday Sept. 18th. Hope I'll see YOU there!!
I've received one photo as a result of my last few posts. Sandi Mac just finished up this wallhanging as a gift for a special friend for his 90th birthday this past weekend. Sandi says he is a brilliant man with a mathematical mind who writes articles on Quantum Physics in his spare time...  She was anxious to see how long it would take him to figure out what this is... Can you see it  ??  It's a wreath of ten 9's... for his 90th..Thanks for sharing it with us Sandi! I bet he loved it!

Does anyone else have photos of a finished project which won't make it to our first Show and Tell in September? If so, send along a photo...
Also please note, if anyone has a submission for our newsletter, the absolute deadline for the Sept. issue is this Friday, Sept. 7th. Please forward anything to our Editor, Lee McLean.
See you September 18th. Write it on your calendar...
EDIT: At left is a photo of the recipient with his birthday wallhanging... he looks very happy with it...

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