Friday, November 12, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Yes, our meeting night is right around the corner- next Tuesday night the 16th. Hope you'll be there. Remember your nametag, mug, something for Show and Tell, return any Library books you have borrowed, and if you have any unwanted embroidery floss, bring it along to donate to Pippa Moore's teaching in Africa. We look forward to seeing lots of interesting projects from the recent Retreat, and maybe even hearing a few stories - although you know what they say.. what happens at Retreat, stays at Retreat...

We will find out more about our upcoming Quilt Show, scheduled for next April 29 and 30th. I've heard it will have a Spring theme, and there will be a Spring Challenge! Let's hope many of our members will participate - as the cold weather sets in this month, you can start dreaming of warmer "springy" thoughts!! What comes to your mind when you think of Spring??

See you Tuesday night.... 7:30.. be there!!


  1. I'm anxious to go to the meeting and catch up on all the happenings, since I wasn't there last month. Sprng.. hmmm, it's hard to think of spring with winter just on our doorstep.

  2. Hope I can get to the meeting, but if not, my heart is there...
    Linda I love your garden/flower photographs both here and on your own blog. Thanks for cheering up these dreary and for some, painful, wet days!

  3. You are so welcome KF! I thought tulips are so "springy", and you're right - cheerful to look at on these wet dreary November days!! Glad you enjoy my photography! Wish I had more time to pursue it...