Monday, November 22, 2010

Dry Hands? Try this homemade Quilters Handcream

Are your hands rough and dry dry dry this time of year? I'm sure it's a combination of the cold weather, the wood stove being on and of course, sewing with/handling your dry fabric. You also find that using regular hand cream lasts about 5 minutes. Why not give this formula a try?

This recipe comes from the 1999 Spring CQA Newsletter, to make a quilters' hand cream. It calls for Shoppers Drug Mart brands, but just use your local drug store brand.

1 jar (400 ml) of Life Brand (Shoppers Drug Mart) Vitamin A cream (14 oz)
1 jar (400 ml) of Life Brand Vitamin E cream (14 oz)
1 bottle (60ml) of baby oil (just over 2 oz)
1 50 gram jar of Vaseline (just under 2 oz)

Whisk all together and put into decorative jars. Let us know if you like it. (Makes a great little gift too!)


  1. Hmmm...might have to try this! If I like it, would you mind if I share it with our guild too?

  2. No problem! Go for it. Just credit the Canadian Quilters' Association newsletter, Spring 1999 issue, please.