Friday, June 17, 2016

Using Poly Threads

Just a quick post today to pass on a bit of helpful info re. thread. I'm a lover of cotton threads, but I know some of you piece with polyester. I receive regular emails from Superior Threads and they are so great about allowing people to share their educational info, so here's today's tidbit....

"We always teach that when piecing with polyester thread, set the iron to medium heat. The length of time the iron is in contact with the thread also can affect the thread. Polyester thread can melt at temperatures above 300°. All irons are not equal in their temperature settings. Below are the average ranges of iron temperatures.

* An iron set at High = 300 to 400 degrees
* An iron set at Medium = 230 to 300 degrees
* An iron set at Low is below 230 degrees"

So there you go gals, something to keep in mind if you use poly threads in your quilting...

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