Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Workshop, Sat. Jan 23. Spaces available.

Paper-piecing- a great technique for large or small quilts!
There are some spaces available in our upcoming workshop this Saturday, January 23. If you live in our area (Fredericton NB) and would like to join us, we'd love to have you! The class is "Learn to Paperpiece" with yours truly, Linda Hubbard. It is a skills oriented workshop, and supplies needed are minimal.
In the morning, you will learn the technique of paper-piecing by progressing through a series of several blocks, from simple to more complex. In the afternoon you will learn how to join blocks together, how to piece odd-shaped pieces, how to cut angled pieces, how to read a complex PP pattern, and how to look at any pieced quilt block and draw it out as a paper-piecing pattern. We will look at the use of different foundation materials, some of which can be left in the quilt. There will also be a demo of "string-piecing," a very simple and slightly different form of foundation piecing.
Paper piecing is a very useful technique that every quilter should have in their bag of tricks. It is very precise and makes complex blocks very simple to piece. It makes tiny blocks (for miniatures) very do-able and perfect points as on a Mariner's Compass easy! It is perfect for group quilts, as every block will come back exactly the same size! If you can count to 10, and sew on a  straight line, then you can learn to paper-piece. If you have tried it before and decided you don't like it, come to this class and I will change your mind!!   :)  Or if you just need a "refresher" this is your chance!
I will bring a number of quilts, large, small and miniature to the class as well as a number of books and patterns for inspiration. It will be a fun-filled day, why not join us? Leave a comment here if you don't know how to contact me otherwise.

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