Saturday, June 28, 2014

Canada Day Placemats for Meals on Wheels

Nice to see an article in today's newspaper regarding our donation of reversible Canada Day placemats to Meals on Wheels. 85 placemats were delivered and gratefully received. These will brighten the Canada Day holiday for many Meals on Wheels clients, especially those who are shut-in and cannot get out to any holiday celebrations. Well done, ladies! Thanks for participating and being so generous with this worthwhile community project! And a big Thanks to the "J Team" for heading up this project and keeping us motivated!
Here is the text below, in case you do not get The Daily Gleaner....

It's a bit early but... Happy Canada Day everyone!!
Speaking of Canada Day, do you have a red and white quilt, of any size? If so, why  not send me a clear digital photo and we'll have "Red and White Show and Tell" on Tuesday, July 1st for Canada Day?

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