Sunday, May 18, 2014

Potluck Reminder and 2014 Trend Tex Challenge

The days and weeks seem to be flying by and here we are just a few days from our final meeting, and the ever anticipated Potluck dinner! Please note the earlier start time for this May meeting - 6 p.m. Remember to bring your hot dishes hot and ready to serve and your cold dishes chilled. There is no time or space for reheating or refrigerating. If you are a new member and you are wondering what to bring - anything goes! There is always a nice variety of main dishes, salads, breads/rolls and desserts so don't worry- anything you contribute will be gratefully received and consumed! Each person also brings their own plate, cup and cutlery - this makes cleanup quick and easy. One last thing- we have one member with a significant nut allergy so if your dish contains nuts or nut oils, please label it.
This meeting will also see the unveiling of the Recycle Challenge, so remember to bring those pieces as well.

Lee sent me the following writeup on this year's Trend Tex Challenge this morning, and although I had included a link on a previous post, she had missed it so I thought others may have missed it also. So here it is again. The pieces in this Challenge are always interesting and varied so they are fun to view...
Every year the Canadian Quilters' Association puts out a call for entries to their major fundraiser, the Trend-Tex Challenge, which is sponsored by Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc.  The theme this year was "Modern
Ways" with five bright fabrics chosen to inspire people to create and donate their works for the silent auction held at Quilt Canada. This year's event is being held in St. Catharines, Ontario from June 11-14.

I love seeing how people's minds work and to see all the interpretations of the theme and how the fabric spoke to people - so interesting!  The requirement was that the quilted piece have a perimeter no larger than 120 inches and that all five fabrics must be visible on the front with three other fabrics allowed to be added.  There were 137 wonderful creations submitted by the deadline .  As we recently had a program on modern quilting, I thought people might enjoy grabbing a cup of their favourite beverage and browsing these works at

Enjoy!  Lee

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  1. The fabrics are vibrant and modern this year. Should be nice eye candy for you at CQA!