Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Ladies, thank you for your great response to the request for Slab blocks for Calgary. I have a box ready to send off today with 39 blocks (a veritable rainbow!!)
PLUS a full size quilt top that was generously donated!! THANK YOU so much for your help. I'm sure the recipients in Calgary and surrounding area will be thrilled to receive these "quilts of love" from their fellow Canadians. Cheryl has had a very good response. I will follow her blog and be in touch with her later in the summer, and I'll let you know (if I can) how many quilts they were able to assemble with the donated blocks. Thanks

also to the members who kindly gave a monetary donation as well  to help with the cost of battings, backings, etc. You know who you are! And lastly- Barb P. - thanks for the box! It was the perfect size - it's packed and ready to go. Oliver (who loves playing in boxes) thought he might like to go along to Calgary too, but I couldn't fit him in...
Enjoy this beautiful summer weather we are finally getting!! I'm off tomorrow on a 12 day vacation.. If anyone else has blocks for Calgary, you'll have to mail them yourself- the link is in the previous post to contact Cheryl for her mailing address. And thanks also to anyone who did mail their own- I know of at least one FQG member who is out of province but was sending her own blocks. Thanks to all!!

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