Sunday, June 2, 2013

Out of the Box Challenge Part Two

As promised here are the rest of the Out of the Box Challenge pieces shown at our closing meeting.

Hand Applique by Linda Glassford
Challenging Curves by Monica Washburn
Use of Flannelette by Jeanne Kaye Speight
Miniature Landscape Sadie Miller
Unusual Colors by Joyce Humble
Partially Original design, use of tulle to create shadows by Gwenda Mattinson
The group "Women of the Cloth" (Gail B., Jean K., Deanna M., Cathy W. and Marg W.) decided they would work together on their Out of the Box Challenges. They found an idea online for something called "the 40 minute quilt" (very similar to the "jelly roll race" idea, I believe) and agreed they would use this as their strip-pieced base, each participant making one in their choice of colors. Next  they cut these up and exchanged, so that each person had a section of each of the five different colored "bases". Then they each went on to "do their own thing"... Cathy W. was not quite finished so hers is not shown below.(You can find this online by simply googling "40 minute quilt". It is an 11.5 minute video tutorial with Valerie Nesbitt )

This is what the first step, the strip-pieced "base", looked like.
by Jean Ketch
by Deanna McAllister
by Marg Wood
by Gail Butts
 Great work everyone!

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