Monday, May 7, 2012

This and That...

At our April meeting, I promised to post more info on the Creativ Festival's Designer Style Challenge- I have not forgotten - but I have never received the promised brochures. I've been waiting and checking the mailbox each day but it's been a month now since they were supposedly mailed... so the best I can do is give you the link for online info - click here:
(And by the way, I do know "creative" is properly spelled with an "e" on the end- but they spell it without the "e" - I guess they are being creative!!)

Here is what little info I do have: "This year Creativ Festival is launching the Designer Style Challenge & Awards, a nation-wide mixed media artists' competition with prizes for beadwork & jewellery design, fashion sewing & design, fibre arts / surface design, knitting / crochet, needle art, paper art, quilting and upcycling. It's all about creativity and we're searching for the best work in Canada."  Deadline for submissions is July 31st.

Fredericton's  EdVentures registration is open- once again there is an amazing array of classes -  including several by our own Kathy Tidswell. Click here to see the lineup!

I have received the entry forms for the KV Quilter's Guild Show in September. If you would like to enter a quilt or two, and would like me to forward a form to you by email, just leave a comment here, or give me a call. I will print a few forms and bring them to our May meeting for those who do not have email.

I am still taking names of those interested in a Tour of the Collection Centre at Kings Landing to see the quilts. I have the required 20 names for a group, but there are always a few who cannot make it on a given date, so I will continue to take names. If you are interested, get in touch, or sign the sheet at our May meeting. The tour will likely take place in late July, or August, on a week day.

For those of you who are itching to go to a Quilt Show, how about another "Armchair Tour"? This time we're off to Paducah KY. Click here to watch an 8 minute video of the winners at the April AQS Paducah show, complete with music by the Paducah Symphony Orchestra! Sit back and enjoy the beauty!

I hope you aren't letting all this rainy spring weather get you down... it just means more time in your sewing room!!


  1. Linda. I got something in the mail with your name on it. It must be the package you were looking for...

  2. Hi Linda and Gail,

    I awarded you a Liebster Award. I think you do a really great job with this blog and enjoy that all this information is available to everyone! See the details on my blog post of May 12 at