Monday, April 9, 2012

Armchair Quilt Show Tours...

I think it's time for a few more "armchair" Quilt Show Tours. After all, who among us ever tires of seeing another Quilt Show? It's fun to see what quilters in other parts of the country are doing, and one often gets a good idea or inspiration for a new project.. so off we go. First, my blog friend Dolores of Toronto takes us on a two part tour of the Kindred Hearts Quilters' Guild  Show in Whitby Ontario last weekend.
Click here for Part 1 and here for Part 2. Thanks Dolores for sharing your view of the show with us!
Now let's jet off to the west coast and join Pippa Moore for her two part look at the APWQ Show last fall. APWQ is the Association of Pacific West Quilters and they do an annual show with entries from western Canada and the western US, in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. Pippa thought the calibre of entries this year was higher than ever and I'm sure you'll enjoy her selections from the show. Part 1 here focuses on quilts from a  special exhibit called In Living Color and click here for Part 2, some of Pippa's favourites from the Juried exhibit. Pour yourself a cuppa, and sit back and enjoy the Shows!

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