Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kings Landing Quilts! Wow!

How lucky we were on Tuesday night to have Lois MacDonald come to speak to us about the quilts of Kings Landing. She brought a wonderful selection of original quilts, and a few reproductions as well (one could hardly tell the difference!) Lois has been on staff at the Landing for many years (lucky them!) and her love and knowledge of  "all things textile" was very evident. Hearing how KL acquires "vintage" pieces such as quilts, furniture, etc. was most interesting. We heard of  New Brunswick families like the Ganongs who have generously donated numerous items, quilts and
otherwise to KL. Our thanks to Lois for a very enjoyable and most informative program. Those of you who were absent really missed out, but we will be taking names at the April meeting for those who would be interested in visiting Kings Landing this summer for a tour of the Collection Center where these quilts "live".  We could car-pool, the tour would probably be several hours, and if there is sufficient interest, we could even combine it with lunch at the Kings Head Inn. So give it some thought. If you will not be in attendance at the April meeting, leave a comment here to indicate your interest, or get in touch with me, Linda H.


  1. I won't be at the April meeting, but I would be interested in this. Love the idea of having lunch there too.

  2. I had to smile when I read about Kings Landing as this is also in my favourite collection of Books Game Of Thrones.... wow the quilts look lovely dont theyx