Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tip Time Continues

Are you ready for a few more helpful tips from our February meeting program?
Donna who has made many wallhangings through the years shared her secret for getting a wall quilt to hang flat without rippling - she inserts drapery weight into the binding along the bottom edge of the quilt. It adds enough weight to prevent the piece from rippling. If your piece needs a little more than that, you can add a sleeve or rod pocket to the bottom of quilt back and place a narrow slat or thin dowel in the rod pocket to weight it. Often this can be removed after a month or so.
Jean reminded us when using freezer paper, that it will adhere better to fabric that has been prewashed (sizing removed). If you need a wider piece of freezer paper, you can extend the width by overlapping two lengths and fuse a separate strip over the butted edges with your iron.
Lee showed us a Rainbow Thread Braid, made by Collins. It contains an assortment of 29 different colors of thread precut in 27" lengths: you simply pull out the one you need. Handy for sewing on the go - great for a portable sewing project, a workshop, travel, or a small sewing kit. Also perfect for a student living in a dorm - just add a few hand-sewing needles in a needlecase! (Note: this thread is polyester, not cotton.)
Jane reminded us to clean the rollers on the bottom of our office/sewingroom chairs by removing the ball-rollers with vice grips. Over time, they get clogged with bits of thread, fiber and maybe even some dust! They roll better if kept cleaned out.
Barb shared with us two very useful magnetic tools - a telescopic magnetic wand - great for picking up spilled or hiding pins/needles (@ Home Depot for $2.99), and a magnetic bowl- great for holding pins - just keep it away from your computerized machine (also @ Home Depot, for $9.99). Who says these are only for hubby's garage or workshop? Barb must be a great shopper- she also told us of a set of Sharpie permanent markers, 25 colors, at Costco for ~$16.00. They are great for careful little touchups of thread color, etc. Markers are also great for "coloring" the tip of nylon or poly monofilament thread to make it easier to see when trying to thread the needle.
When trying to press out a fold line in fabric, dampen and press on the wrong side - you will have greater success.
Be very careful when handling a wet quilt. Don't attempt to pick it up by one end or the middle. Rather, lift under it to support it when lifting from sink or tub. When a quilt is wet, it weighs so much more and the added weight of the water can break stitches and/or stretch fibers out of shape.
These were all great tips- we all learned something new, and had some good reminders as well. Well done girls!!

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  1. Those are all really great tips.