Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Meeting Reminders

It's that time again. Our February meeting on the 15th is now just a few days away. Hope to see you there! Our program this month is totally "audience dependant"! Remember, you have been asked to come with one or several tips to share with us all. It could be a sewing/quilting tip, a new gadget to show and explain, a new book you have found useful - just something that we all can learn and benefit from. This idea was a great success last time we did it, so we hope all will come prepared to participate and learn from each other. Don't forget to bring any Show and Tell items as well. Speaking of which- if you recently have shown items please check in our Show and Tell Gallery on the sidebar at right. If your photo does not have a caption under it, or the info is incomplete, please contact me by email, comment here, or at the meeting and give me that info (preferably in writing) so I can get things "tidied up". It's impossible for me at the meeting to do the photos and remember all the names of quilts as well. I'd really appreciate your help with this.
If you have done any leaf bowls for Quilt Ontario 2011, please bring them to the meeting as well. We are collecting these to be sent off to the Q.O. Comm. next month. I am working on two today....
Our Raffle Quilt for the Stan Cassidy Foundation will be "on view" on Tuesday night. It is in it's final stages. The quilting is done, a few missed spots were quilted in a hoop, all marking lines have been erased and the binding is on and now being handstitched. We're sure you'll be impressed when you see it! Thanks again to all the members who helped out with this project.
See you Tuesday night!

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