Monday, December 20, 2010

We need to borrow a hand quilting frame!

Can you help us out?  

We are getting ready to hand quilt a beautiful quilt to donate to the fund-raising efforts of the Stan Cassidy Foundation.    We need to borrow a set of 4 quilt stand/frames and rails so that we can have 6 or 7 people quilt around the frame starting in January.  The quilt is queen size just in case you have multiple sets of rails. We will return the frame after the quilt is done.

If you can helps us out, please leave us a comment or contact Sue Robertson.


  1. I have a quilt frame you can borrow. I store it at the church, where I work. You can all me at 450-4467 (w)or 450-4467 (H)

  2. Gail, as far as I know we are getting one from Willa....