Friday, October 15, 2010

October Reminders

The days are flying by as swiftly as leaves are flying by my window in today's wind and rain. Tomorrow is our first Guild workday. Hope you'll be there- come and work on your own project or join in the fun with Carole and Jean making funky pillowcases. There'll be other things going on too- something for everyone. If you are having a problem with a project, bring it along and Sandi will offer help or advice.

Remember this coming Tuesday, Oct. 19th is meeting night. We have an excellent program planned- we guarantee everyone will learn something new as we go through 5 learning stations. The last time we tried this it was a big hit. We think this one will be too! Don't forget to bring something for Show and Tell- a recent project or anything Fall or Hallowe'en themed. Guests and new members are welcome.

And if you'd like to take one more "virtual tour" of a Quilt Show, click here to fly over the Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia and beautiful Mahone Bay. The Guild there held a Show recently and this is a slideshow from it. Once the Kodak Gallery opens, click on the photo at right to advance them.


  1. Tuesday or Ocotber 20th. The 20th is a Wednesday......

  2. Whoops!! Sorry- yes it IS the 19th!!