Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trend-Tex Challenge 2010

Many of the quilts submitted for this year's Trend-Tex Challenge have just been posted on the CQA website. You can view them by clicking here. If you click on the first quilt, you can view a larger image; then if you hover your cursor over the top right hand corner of the photo, you 'll be able to click on "Next" and view the entire collection.
If you are not familiar with this Challenge, this is how it works: Each summer/fall, the Vice President of CQA/ACC visits Trend-Tex Fabrics and chooses five fabrics for the Challenge and chooses the Theme. These fabrics are then cut into fat quarters and made up into kits. The kit can be purchased for $20.00. Each entrant is encouraged to use the 5 fabrics to make a piece on the chosen theme and return it to CQA. All five fabrics must be visible on the front of the quilt. (Up to 3 additional fabrics may be added). The pieces are displayed in a Show at the annual Conference and they are auctioned off (most by Silent Auction) as a fundraiser. The pieces that are returned by the deadline are judged, and prizes are announced and awarded at the Conference. Besides 1st, 2nd and 3rd, there is also the Trend Tex Award for best use of fabric (to be eligible for this award, only the 5 provided fabrics may be used on the front of the quilt.) The Trend Tex Award winner is not auctioned, but given to Trend Tex Fabrics as a thank you for their generous donation of the fabric. Honourable Mentions and Judge's Choice awards may also be given and a Viewer's Choice Award is announced at the Closing Banquet.
This year's theme was "The Sky's the Limit". I hope you enjoy viewing this amazing collection of wallquilts.

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  1. That's a great display. It's hard to believe those quilts were all inspired by the same fabrics. I like CQA's new website. Very nice.